Proactiv+ Member's Benefits, Discounts & More - Proactiv New Zealand

Guaranteed Price Protection

Your initial price for Proactiv+ is locked in for as long as you remain a Member.

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Free Gifts

With your first shipment of Proactiv+, you'll receive a BONUS Skin Purifying Mask designed to help clear pores and soothe troubled skin.

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Save up to 25%

You enjoy exclusive access to the complete Proactiv+ line of skincare products, all at savings of up to 25%.

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Sneak Peeks & Special Offers

As a Proactiv+ member, you'll be one of the first to know when we introduce an exciting new Proactiv+ product. You'll also get exclusive special offers on related beauty products, including makeup, hair care and more.

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Customise Your Order

We guarantee timely replenishment of your Proactiv+ with the flexibility to schedule home delivery of the products you want at intervals you choose.