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Skin Health- It's a daily routine. Take a holistic approach to your skin's health and it will help minimise pimple breakouts

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How to get clear skin is about discovering the skin care regime that works the best for your routine and skin type. Nourish your skin with a carefully balanced system and discover the healthy complexion you have always wanted.

Healthy Life = Healthy Skin

Often our skin is affected by range of factors relating to our diet, general fitness, exercise regularity, good and restful sleep, and hydration. Steer clear of processed foods, excess sugars and soft drinks.

Try to develop a regular exercise routine but be careful to shower thoroughly with a Deep Cleansing Body Wash and choose exercise fabrics which help to wick away excess sweat from the skin.

8 glasses of water a day – plus more when exercising – will help keep your skin bright and hydrated, too.


Cleanse! Helping your skin to shed dead skin cells will also help to address imbalances in your skin’s natural oils. Use a soap-free cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin twice a day. Remove make-up before exercise and bed. Avoid over-washing your skin to help maintain an oil balance.


Exposure to the sun can result in drying out your skin which your skin attempts to balance with too much oil and dead skin cells. This is the ideal environment for developing blemishes and should be managed with a good quality sunscreen of at least SPF15+, even when it looks cloudy.


Your skin benefits from an increase in blood flow and blood oxygen level achieved by exercise. If you are prone to body breakouts, wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing when exercising, and shower with a blemish fighting body wash soon after. Our Deep Cleansing Wash is great for keeping body breakouts at bay!


Knowing your skin’s needs will help you to develop a routine that is in tune with your body. Makeup is a common cause for blemishes as it migrates into pores. For women who enjoy wearing makeup but also want to manage potential blemishes, choose oil-free products or specially to actively fight your breakouts while you’re wearing it.