Real Proactiv+ Success Stories | Jillian, 30 User Review - Proactiv New Zealand

Jillian’s Story

"I’ve been dealing with the acne since I was a teenager. It’s just always been something that I’ve had to deal with. It’s really embarrassing. I feel like as an adult, I shouldn’t be dealing with it. I didn’t feel as beautiful on the outside as I do on the inside. I worried that it was giving people a reason to not see how beautiful I am.

"I feel like every stress was written on my face. It was really disheartening because I feel like I’m not a child. I’m an adult. I would see the zits and say, ‘Well, here we go again … one more thing that’s keeping me from being my full potential.'

Worried About Her Wedding

"I think about my wedding day and how wonderful would it be to not have to retouch all of my wedding photos because my skin is beautiful. It would feel like a dream come true to have my face glowing naturally with no breakouts whatsoever.

Loves the Simplicity

"I was amazed after 30 days. I didn't think that I would get results this quickly. I thought that I would have my skin clear up and then I would breakout again and then the whole thing would start over.

"Proactiv+ is a nice three-step system that has results to it. I feel that with the exfoliation process, my skin is getting all of those dead cells removed. And then, with the simple, little amount of targeting solution that I put on my skin, I'm seeing a decreased redness, and I'm also feeling the benzoyl peroxide working. And I'm also noticing that with the hydration my skin feels soft and dewy.

Friends Are Amazed

"I am just thrilled. I feel so fortunate with this product and to see from where I started to where I am now. The pictures are absolutely amazing. I can't believe that my face looks the way that it does in just the small amount of time."

"Proactiv+ is simple: it's in the morning and it's at night. I'm able to use the product and get these results. I'm so overjoyed. I just didn't expect my skin to be as clean and clear as it is.

I was at a dinner party a couple weeks ago. I sat down and my friends all looked at my face and said, 'Your skin looks fantastic.' Then I told them that I didn't have any makeup on and they were even more blown away."

“It feels really good. And I look great. Everything is going well and I’m gonna have clear skin for my wedding. So I’m really excited.”

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