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Celebrity Stories: Julianne Hough

Beautiful Julianne Hough is one of the most exciting new young stars—a multitalented dynamo who burst on the scene as a champion ballroom dancer; known around the world as a two-time professional champion on Dancing with the Stars before she went on to take the worlds of music and film by storm. She is an award-winning singer and has starred in such films as Footloose, Rock of Ages and Safe Haven.

Always a clear-skinned teenager, Julianne had no trouble with her skin until she began her professional career—when she was in the spotlight and it mattered most. Her older sister, an aesthetician, convinced her to try Proactiv and it worked great. As Julianne explained, “Using Proactiv has given me the confidence to just go out there and do my best and see what happens!”

A Whole New Beauty Feel

“When I first started with Proactiv+, I did the same three steps that I’ve always done,” says Julianne about the advanced new blemish control system from Proactiv. “It’s got a whole new beauty feel to it…. The third (step) is so hydrating and silky and smooth. You feel very—I don’t know—just fresh and beautiful and young.

The Perfect Balance

“I think that Proactiv+ has found the perfect balance of giving everything that you get from Proactiv and also from high-end skincare,” she told us recently. “It still gives you all the ingredients needed to clear your skin, but at the same time it’s very hydrating. You feel more luxurious…. Proactiv+ is the best of both worlds.”

I Look Younger Now

After Proactiv+, here’s what’s really changed for Julianne. “I think I look younger now than I did when I was 18 because I’m not wearing as much makeup. I’m not hiding as much of who I am,” she says, “and you’re really seeing me for me!”