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Does your Teen have acne breakouts? You Can Help

Parents Can Help

Teens and acne breakouts have always gone hand in hand. But the reality of being a teenager and having to suffer with teen breakouts can be devastating.

That’s why, as a parent, understanding teen breakouts is vital to a successful resolution of the issue. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Talk openly with your teen about breakouts, support good habits and skin care regimens.

When it comes to breakouts, the idea that teens will grow out of it or that it’s a passing phase often makes parents and caregivers delay seeking help. Acting sooner is better than later, dealing with breakouts early and properly can help avoid long term effects such as scarring.

There is no set of rules to deal with your teenager’s acne breakouts, but here are some good tips to follow;

Do not ignore it, parents should help seek solutions.
Be supportive and try not to nag, as it can be a counter productive.
Have an open discussion about the physical and emotional effects breakouts have on them.