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Your Benefits

At Proactiv we want to make your life a little easier. Besides convenient deliveries of your favourite Proactiv products which takes the hassle out of topping up, as an ActivMember you can look forward to enjoying exclusive benefits, special promotions and insider access to our latest product launches. Become an ActivMember today and you can immediately enjoy all of these perks:

Activmember Perks

With your first shipment you’ll receive a Bonus gift duo of your choice! You enjoy exclusive access to the complete Proactiv line of individual skincare products, all at savings of up to 20% off the regular price, when you log into your account.

As an ActivMember you’ll be one of the first to know when we introduce any exciting new Proactiv products. You’ll also get access to exclusive special offers as part of your ActivMembership. You have the flexibility to schedule delivery of the products you want, at intervals you choose. And of course, there is no obligation and you can cancel anytime. Your initial price for Proactiv is locked in for as long as you remain an ActivMember.

Once you’ve selected the Proactiv that is right for you, there is no need to reorder every month. We guarantee timely replenishment straight to your door at your exclusive ActivMember price. This means you’ll never go without Proactiv, resulting in clearer skin for longer.

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